Thursday, 13 February 2014

WOYWW 245 - Stamp Mounting Conundrum

Expensive pet mat

Apologies for the late post, had a few gremlins in my camera as well as my computer. But I made it and can't wait to visit our hostess Julia at the Stamping Ground, home of the best blog hop ever..

I've been trying to work out a cost effective way of mounting rubber stamps without using EZ Mount foam which I avoid like the plague.... The product is fantastic for others, just not for me. I don't like the feel of it and my purse doesn't like the cost of it.... As usual the brain went into overdrive.... I found a solution that works for me.

cut around stamps with stanley knife
I was not off to a good start though..I nearly lost the plot at the local art supply store when I spoke to this young shop assistant... Well, talk about Pippy Longstocking with an attitude. The little upstart proceeded to lecture me about buying Australian..... Well, stand me in the corner and call me Granny. I consider myself very patient and tolerant, but this snip of a girl was standing on a very slippery slope and in dire need of an education in manners and customer service.... it was not pretty, she huffed and puffed, but in the end I blew her house down.... nicely of course! 

Hot knife in action
Ended up locating the ideal item a few days later in our local $2 store....a mat for pet bowls...GF found it tucked away in the corner... I know, shopping again....$2 later..very expensive.

I got to work... Trimmed the rubber then laid the unmounted stamps on my $2 mat, traced around them.... glued down.   I used a liquid glue and double sided tape sheets, both methods worked preference would be the tape sheets, only because no drying time and less mess. Whether or not the bond is permanent is unknown at this stage.

 cut stamps, went around once more with hot knife
The next step, cutting out... this is where my new fun tool came into play.... A tool called Creative Versa-Tool by Walnut Hollow, basically a hot knife. It cut through the dense foam like butter, there was no sticky residue left on the blade...Got to love that and little to no fumes.... I was in creative heaven.... In a matter of minutes, I had cut out 27 stamps.... Honestly, this tool is amazing, it came in a case with several tips, soldering, stencil cutting, wood burning, fabric embossing, etc., etc., etc.

Using a paintbrush, I spread Tombow glue on the back side of the foam...only because I forgot about the On & Off Glue I had....Oops! Once it's dry, it's left with enough stickiness to cling to acrylic blocks...same result as On & Off glue.  The best part, mounting these stamps cost me about $3, using EZ Mount would have cost $25-30.

A big thumbs up to Walnut Hollow, congrats on a fabulous tool...can't wait to try the other time with Eliza, yes, she has one too... LOL.  I'm a happy little crafter...but I miss my crafting buddy....where are you bestie? Please, please come home..

Hope you all have a great week and Happy WOYWW.

Happy Crafting


  1. Sorry i'm a little later stopping by. How rude some shop assistants can be . Happy woyww jill #35

  2. Hi DeDe. Loved reading your post. I had similar experience with a 'young lady' last week re my phone. Well suffice to say I have found somewhere new . I had a call from former network about why I was moving etc etc- I left them in no doubt as to why !!!! :-) I don't like EZ mount either and think it way too much. Thanks for visiting me. Re the new cooker I thought it would be better not to cook in mine - it looks so lovely all shiny and new. :-) Anne x #78

  3. I've stopped mounting my stamps for now. I had gotten a tip from someone to just put double sided tape on an acrylic block and stick the UM stamp onto it. (Just make sure the tape is still sticky otherwise stamp will keep falling off, LOL). Thanks for popping by! Brigita #88

  4. Hello beautiful friend, I miss you too, it is not the same on the road working without you. Hey that tool is bloody awesome and it does cut like butter with a hot knife. I want to burn some wood with it, that would be really cool. Maybe make Bigzy my grandpuppy a name plate for his kennel. Anyway, glad you made the post, so what happened to your Wednesday? LOL

    Hugs and more hugs Eliza

    1. Listen here Girlfriend, do you want me to blow your house down too? LOL.. OK, so my Tuesday rolled into Thursday and totally forgot about Wednesday... it's all your fault because you were working... Love ya Girl

  5. This is a fantastic idea, love it and saved a fortune too! Thanks for the info on the hot knife, looks like a must have tool!

  6. I also HATE that EZ mount, but I don't use anything on the back of my rubber stamps. Instead, I use a repositionable glue that dries and doesn't leave any sticky residue, unlike double sided repositionable tape. It works for at least 1000 times before you have to reglue it. Unfortunately, I can no longer find it, so will have to manage with what I already have. Also, I have seen that cutter in the craft stores in the US, but never wanted to buy one. But now, I see the value in it.

    I was surprised at the attitude of the shop assistant. I've had them follow me around asking if they can find something for me. It always makes me feel funny, like they are watching me, or something. The last time that happened, I left the store. Sounds like you had an equally bad experience. Thanks for visiting me already. Happy day after WOYWW from #1.

  7. Hi DeDe, - how rude was that girl! I've worked in retail in the past, and we were always taught the the customer is always right- and that they pay your wages, so be respectful. Personally, I treated people the way I'd want my Mom to be treated, although I know some customers can be unbelievably unpleasant, and sometimes it feels like they are trying to get you to bite, so they can report you. But these days, shop staff often seem to lack basic people skills, I find. well done you for dealing with it. I'm also 'off' the idea of EZ mount, I did put all my u/m's on it when I first started with them, but am gradually removing it, and I don't put it on my newer ones. I bought the Tack n Peel to put on my acrylic blocks, and just give them a blast of spray repositional glue to store them on the storage sheets. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #43 xx

  8. Hi DeDe. Sorry you had such a nasty experience in the store - but glad you have managed to do so much with so little expenditure - so much saved.... now, what could you spend your savings on??
    Have a great week.
    Margaret #74

  9. Too bad about your experience with bad customer service -- at least I know that the US isn't the only place! I haven't heard of on & off glue. If I wanted to unmount my rubber stamps that are on wood blocks is that what I would use to get the stick to the clear blocks?

    Happy belated WOYWW
    Kay (86)

    PS. I hope your bestie shows up soon!

  10. Oh the hot knife sound great and glad you have found an alternative to the EZ "sticky mess" mount! The shop experience wasn't too great though, some people! I can't wait to see what's in my HUGE parcel too, but I know it will sound heavenly. Thanks for the visit. BJ#58

  11. OOooh. That's genius shopping that is. I'm more than happy with EZ mount but it is ever so expensive. And now...what else do in need a hot knife that looks sooo useful! you could be a surgeon!