Wednesday, 11 December 2013

WOYWW 236 The Ahaa! Moment

I thought I'd try some crafting, but my desk was buried under a mountain of stuff, so I migrated to the dining room table, within minutes that managed to resemble my desk. I forged ahead....brave aren't I?  Some time ago, I'd seen a technique using masks, distress inks and stamps to create a snow scene. Of course, mine looked nothing like the original... in the bin it went, tried a second and third. By this stage, ready to throw in the towel... I thought for a minute..  Here it comes.... AHAAA!!!!  Of course it's not going to look the same, they've probably made it a hundred times...  
I think it turned out OK..

Hung out with Eliza. What a cracker, I walked into her craft room, wouldn't you know those Ikea purchases from our safari had magically multiplied. Hmmm! Not one but two desks, not one set of drawers but three. Of course Eliza stands there with a cheeky grin on her face shrugging her shoulders, trying desperately to act innocent. In your dreams GF.
We were on yet another mission, functional craft room by that night... First dismantle, WOW! I've never seen so many cables, power boards, double adapters. Just between you and the gatepost, I think GF has a fetish for anything associated with electricity....LOL. But we had a fabulous day, laughing, mostly at each other...that's what friends are for...right. 
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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

WOYWW 235 Ikea Safari

Another week has flown by,  must admit quite a productive one, where does the time go? I managed to make a couple of baby cards this week, created my own pattern paper for the blue one, using distress inks, water colour pens, stamps and clear embossing powder. Used a Spellbinders die (no idea what it's called) and  the embellishment was made using a Kaisercraft stamp and 6 layers of embossing powder. All the products used on the pink card were Kaisercraft. Anyone would think I like Kaiser products....LOL

A few people commented on the rosette item in the background last week so I thought I'd include a picture today... not very exciting, my attempt at making a centre piece for Christmas Celebrations no doubt it will end up a UFO. However, I did start making a storage unit for Tria Markers, each section will hold 12 pens, it's still a work in progress and it's possible it may morph into something else entirely by the weeks end.... I like to keep things interesting, in reality I never know what it will be until it's finished...

Now let's move on to my adventure of the week. The Safari at Ikea began like any normal day, (don't worry, no guns) a leisurely drive, hot summers day, you get the picture... Arrived at our destination, my hubby told me this store was big, but I had no idea, I was in retail heaven... Retail therapy for Eliza had just kicked up several notches... We had a ball, (the Bobsy twins on a mission, scary) but I must say I've never experienced so much mind changing, a few times we forgot what we'd chosen and had to retrace our steps...

Eliza (you have to love her, she's gorgeous) would see her future workspace, only to walk ten paces and find another solution...considering this store is half a kilometre long, the ten paces bit, works out be a lot of mind changing... not to mention,  measurements went out the window as the size of the desk was growing... LOL . 
Hilarious, fabulous day, at one stage I thought GF was going to wet herself, if you haven't already guessed, of course she was laughing at me and the out of control trolley. Dare I say (no offence intended) it had to be a man who designed these wretched things, my arms barely long enough to hold, wait for it, two handles to steer. Thank goodness my arms were not shorter otherwise I'd be turning in circles in the middle of Ikea. 

Word of Wisdom: Make note of the level where you parked your car before you enter the store. Ensure you exit the elevator with fully loaded trolley on the same level as the said not follow the males directions... also lazy male does not offer to push fully loaded trolley, he would rather smirk at short armed granny crashing into walls like a bee in a bottle...need I say more...

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