Wednesday, 29 January 2014

WOYWW 243 - Never Enough Catalogues

Acrylic stamp storage
It's been an extremely productive week, heatwave and all, I was determined to complete the stamp catalogue, of course the majority was with Eliza's help, she's a real doll.....5 cd storage boxes later and 175 cd cases, I can now find any acrylic or cling stamp I own at a glance through the catalogue.  I've yet to sort unmounted stamps, a slight hiccup with these, I'm working on a way of mounting them without using EZ Mount foam..yes I am crazy, EZ mount is a great product but what can I say....I have a serious aversion to the

My desk has a few things going on, at last I completed the filing system for my embossing folders, of course filed in alphabetical order by manufacturer & name, then might ask why, my reply as always is '...because I can'... I mean why have one catalogue when you can have many,...  

The actual catalogue was made with bookboard, covered in Kraft card stock. The embossing on the cover is the Spellbinders 3D M-Bossabilities  Persian Splendor, I'll certainly get a lot of use from this one, ideal for my handmade albums. I aged the cover using Metallic Rub On. The pages are embossed using each folder and secured with a book ring... I tried with 2 rings at first but 1 ring works better. 

Hooray! I managed to create this week....can't believe it... I know my post is a little on the serious side, I have to blame Eliza for that, she decided to leave me and go to work.... A little selfish I thought, fancy choosing work over a crazy day with little ole me!!!!  Hey Girl

It's time to snoop on the desks on Julia's blog at the Stamping Ground, where we get to see the happenings on blogs around the world... join us, it's a lot of fun.

Hope everyone has a great week, thanks for stopping by, please leave a comment.  

Happy Crafting and WOYWW

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

WOYWW 242 Retail Therapy & Catalogues

Hi Everyone, can't believe it's been two weeks since my last post... time flies when you're having fun... Eliza, (Hey Girl), kindly offered to help me catalogue stamps... Of course I thanked her and proceeded to say I don't have many and I'd really like to find some nice sentiment stamps...

Well, I'm thankful there was a desk separating us, I thought she was going to jump the desk at one stage... Each container she opened there were more sentiment stamps, not just one stamp but a set, some of which had 30 or more. Of course it didn't help much when I'd say "Oh, I forgot about that one" and of course my personal favourite, "Oops!" followed by laughter. Honestly, she stamped her little fingers to the bone, she's such a 'Doll'. We laughed a lot, talked a lot, especially to ourselves...really,  if anyone heard us together they would think us totally insane, bonkers. I did tell Eliza, I was going to do a recording just to see what we sounded like.....WOW! That would be scary...
Bin # 3 - still waiting for Cases to arrive

We survived the heat wave, 3 days of temperatures 42°C - 44°C,  by the 3rd day my room was unbearable... we needed a break. What better way than a little retail therapy... Oh Boy! Eliza and I shopping, by phone, Internet or the shops, we see, we want it NOW. Patience, not being one of my virtues or Eliza's for that matter, once the item imprints on the brain, it's get out of the way or I will run you joke... just don't mess with us when we are on a mission, it's dangerous business, shopping... LOL

Yahoo! 200 houses for my stamps arrived.
We exhausted buys on the Internet, then headed off to the shops, constantly on the lookout for tools that will make crafting easier. Of course people give us wary and mostly disapproving looks when we shop, we love to have fun, tell it how it is and nothing will discourage us from what we want. Couple of dies and a Kaiser shelf to build, we headed home. Obviously still not satisfied with the amount we had purchased it was on the phone to order another fantastic will have to watch this space for info....
Just between you and I, I'm a little excited the cases turned up, so for now it's back to the catalogue. I was hoping to have it completed by next week, unfortunately the OCD has kicked in and now I find myself with obsessive plans to catalogue everything....go if I don't have enough to do... I know totally bleeding bonkers.

I'll have a break first, make a cuppa, put my feet up and cruise over to the Stamping Ground, see what's on Julia's desk. What are you waiting for, join in the blog hop and visit lots of very talented people....

Have a fabulous week and Happy WOYWW

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

WOYWW 240 - My New Craft Space

I love my new space
What a hoot, my first post for 2014, I know I've already missed a week but I've been trying to create a workspace that I actually want to work in. Not to mention hubby has been nagging me for weeks to get my craft crap as he calls it off the dining table. Grumpy old man.

Well what can I say, needed furniture, so where does one go? Hmmm! Ikea of course with Eliza. Check her blog for photo's. What a day, we got up to all sorts of mischief, Eliza was totally out of control as usual... just so you know I'm the well behaved one....

Yes, I've caught containeritis from Eliza
Anyway, we played with toys, hid under covers on the beds, played hide & seek from other words we were upside down, inside out, you name it we did it. Every shopper in the place thought we were bonkers, were we offended? Nah, because they were right. We had fun, in fact we seemed to be the only ones having fun.
One desk, 2 sets of drawers, two chairs, stool, and numerous nick nacks for my kitchen. Ikea is a really dangerous place for us, 

Eliza donated a bookcase to a worthy cause,  It was a bit beat up and the colour of baby poo. So out came the paint and it transformed into a beauty I think...she's a keeper.

Bunnings (huge Aussie hardware store for those  OS) is the next port of call to get extra shelves for my fabulous new bookcase, best ever paper storage.

The drawers are a great little unit, the castors make it easy to move them around. My apologies for such a long post, but I had to share a little of my excitement. Ya gotta love me. Why not get excited about other posts, touch base with Julia at the Stamping Ground and check out lots of desks in WOYWW blog hop.

Happy crafting everyone and a very Happy New Year to all.
DeDe xx