Wednesday, 19 March 2014

WOYWW 250 Marker and Inkpad Storage

I know you won't believe this, but Eliza and I had a storage problem to solve....funny....says one suffering from containeritis, who caught it from none other than you know who.....I know it's a    Bestie suggested desktop drawers...remove the drawers and there's storage for my markers and her ink pads....Where does one buy such drawers one might ask, where else?  Ikea....of course.

 Ikea here we fabulous day, Bestie, DD and I...after our riotous antics in the cafe, lots of very loud laughter.....and rude people staring....really, we are totally our minds  Got to the checkout, oh boy! Bit of a shock, as usual I bought more than reasoning, never do anything in half measures and if you're going to go to Ikea be prepared to spend.  Of course, I couldn't wait to get started, runaway markers was no longer an option, that night I made my marker storage, it turned out great but no doubt I will find myself making adjustments here and there....always room for improvement. 

Play day arrived, having planned everything the day before,  convincing ourselves we were going to try a new technique. Things are never simple where I'm concerned, seeing flaws in the ink pad storage plan. I didn't want to sort through ink pads stacked 6 high.... sleeves had to be made to house the pads...Perfectly sized of course....bugger OCD.  After a lot of calculations, cutting, taping etc., it was finished. Thank goodness. The only thing missing was a conveyor belt and I can't whistle. So we settled for laughter instead. We spent the entire day on these units, I'm happy with the result , don't know how long it'll stay like this, but it works for the moment. Hop to Eliza's desk to see her unit....I wonder if she has enough storage....ROFL.. We are contented little puppies

...for how long? Wait a minute....

Happy WOYWW everybody, pop over to Julia's, say hi and take a peek at lots of desks....  Hope you all have a fabulous week and thanks for popping in..


Wednesday, 5 March 2014

WOYWW 248 Another Stamp Cleaner

It's time to join in the fun, hop over to see Julia at the Stamping Ground, you will get to snoop around some crafty desks...

My desk is a little messy, but in saying that I've got a few things on the go... Just finished making another cleaning brew, this one works well with Staz On ink.... And is doesn't contain alcohol of any sort... Tried the isopropyl alcohol, hmmm! Not good, dries my skin out too much... and no I didn't spray it on my hands.... lol 

So I decided to play around with another mix I found on the net, made a few adjustments and it worked.... Sorry about the Christmas stamp, it was the first one I grabbed, as you can see the stamp is quite clean.... Now further testing and mixing is required because I'm not happy with the archival ink test....that's a stubborn little bugger.... It cleans off OK, but leaves a ghosting which is not satisfactory for someone with OCD.....LOL.   

Thought it was time to make storage for my markers, you never know it may help me find the colour I want... Also making a colour swatch thingamy jig for Eliza...she saw what I made for myself ..what can I say... Frick and Frack....... Coooeeee!  Bestie where are you?

Hope you all have a great week and happy WOYWW