Sunday, 23 February 2014

DIY Stamp Cleaner

This cleaner works very well with most inks.
You will still need a commercially produced cleaner for Staz On, unless I can find a solution for a homemade cleaner.

1 cup (250ml) distilled water
1 3/4  tbsp Glycerin
small squirt of Johnson's baby shampoo
spray bottle

I used a jug for mixing, didn't have to clean a funnel... Mix all ingredients together, pour into spray bottle. Light shake before using.

I spray onto stamp and use scrub mat. Dry off stamp with paper towel. If any soap suds occur, I stamp onto a damp cloth then dry with paper towel.

Note: Do not use demineralised water, it's not the same as distilled water and
          bacteria will form in your mix.

          Do not leave soap suds on your rubber stamps.

          The original recipe was from You Tube. I adjusted the amount of glycerin
           and baby shampoo in the mixture to suit my preferences.
          Original creator unknown at this stage.

I'm not aware of any issues or problems this cleaner may cause with long term use to your health or your stamps. Use at your risk.

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