Wednesday, 26 February 2014

WOYWW 247 - ScanNCut & Craft Show

Happy WOYWW everyone. Join in the fun, pay our hostess Julia a
visit at the Stamping Ground.  For those who are interested, I posted the recipes for Ink Refresher and the Stamp Cleaner, the original recipes are not of my creation, although I did make an adjustment to both to suit my preferences.  Where possible I will credit the creator. I've also created a page TIPS & TRICKS which will be home for anything that saves a crafter a few cents here and there.

you can see how fine it cuts
Last Friday, I attended the craft show in Melbourne with Eliza and her DD....what can I say....We put our lives at risk. I was pushed and shoved from one end of the venue to the other...The place was swarming with rude, aggressive, ill mannered, rude, tenacious...did I say rude.... I was kicking myself for not wearing a helmet and steel capped boots.... God bless them, I love the elderly, I'm nearly one of but boy! Can they push and shove? Strong little buggers. There were a few moments when our blood boiled, I managed to keep my temper in check...just one stage I was ready to ready to do my Mike Tyson impersonation and step on some granny wielding a wheelchair....yes, I kid you not, a wheelchair....nudging at our ankles....silly old biddy...

Dogwood stamp 
Anyway, we survived....with a few bits and pieces. Overall, I was disappointed, nothing new except for the ScanNCut, but again even that fell short of my expectations in the way of demonstrations. Prices generally were high, although we did manage to pick up a few dies for $6 and 2 very nice books. Generally the stall holders with the exception of a few took full advantage of the customers and their willingness to part with their cash. 

desk plaque - minus the brads
I've been playing with the ScanNCut.... fantastic machine, it has a learning curve but overall it's great. I've managed to cut out stamped images successfully, create shapes, etc., there's a fair bit to master, but with patience and attention the results are very impressive. I made a desk plaque, could be better but it's my first attempt at using the machine. The shapes and letters were all cut out on the Scan n Cut, glued them on, added a little colour and shading, some brads........after the photo....oops! Bob's your uncle.  

Well that's my news, hope everyone has a great week and happy crafting. 



  1. It takes all kind of folks- even stampers! maybe they are more the scrapping type;HA!
    enjoy the learning of your new cutter.
    thanks for visiting
    Robyn 4

  2. I've noticed that people in wheelchairs believe they have the right to push and shove and block aisles. I've always been for the disabled, after all, I was born with a rare form of arthritis. But some people seem to have forgotten what it's like to be humble and share space with others. Then there are those who apologize and look sheepish because you have to walk around them. Those are the ones you want to help. OK, I'm off MY soapbox, now. Happy WOYWW from #1.

  3. Scan and Cut now that makes fussy cutting so easy and thanks again for the recipe I'll try it out when I can :)
    I'm amazed you held your temper so well that's where I would break and turn around and say really loudly to my friend BOY ARE PEOPLE HERE PUSHY ... or if you want more room just start having a coughing fit lol
    happy WOYWW
    hugs Nikki 17

    1. I'll remember the coughing thing time, my all time favourite is 'How rude?' Generally people look at each other to see who I'm talking's really quite funny....But nothing worked on Friday...

  4. Well that sounds like some crazy craft show!!! Your plaque looks great--pretty soon you'll have that Scan n Cut mastered, yes?

    #20ish this week with
    Jedi mind tricks

  5. Scan N cut intrigues me. How accurate is it from the original? #33

    1. Overall it's quite accurate, I did a few tests and found the accuracy is subject to the sharpness of your image. The Scan n Cut, can't read a faded image. But it will read an outline as long as the line is unbroken. I think the machine is terrific, I purchased it mainly for my own designs, everything else is a bonus.... but it does require consistency in the image. I measured the flower stem the machine cut out, it is less than 1mm and the stamped lines are visible...thumbs up from me...hopes this helps...
      Hope this helps.

  6. Hey girlfriend I am with you, next time we have multiple coughing fits, that should get them out of our way LOL Loooooovvvvvveeee the plaque, we need to catch up bestie...

    love ya
    Eliza & Yoda 52

  7. Hi DeDe...I've been to a few craft shows and yes there's the crowd but I do have to agree the stallholders are out for your money, not too many 'special' at my last show in Townsville. Have fun scan/cutting cheers RobynO#37

  8. I'm not keen on these big craft shows for exactly that reason!! Hate the pushing and shoving...I'd rather support small local businesses anyway :-). Glad you're enjoying your new equipment!
    Hugs, LLJ 43 xx

  9. Oh Em Gee! You had me splitting my sides at your description of the crowd at the show. Sorry, but the way you described it was so funny.
    Thanks for the recipes, am now off to investigate.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  10. Wow, what a wild and crazy time you must have had. Your Scan and cut sounds extra nice!
    Glenda #76

  11. OMG DeDe, I was cracking up as I read your Craft Buddy and I went to a show a few years ago and it was EXACTLY the same experience as your one...only we are considered young and kept being told "Age before beauty dear"- what?! Thanks for dropping by earlier..glad the scan and cut is working out for you. Cx #28

  12. I'm so sorry you had such a frustrating experience! I've never been to a big show, only a small one where people seemed very civilized. But practically run over by a wheelchair! Perhaps you should rent one for the next show! LOL!
    Lindart #93

  13. Don't you just hate people without manners? Sorry your day didn't live up to expectations but do love that Scan n Cut, worth it for that hopefully?
    Have a great week!
    Debxx #27

  14. I know how you feel, my husband and I went to a jumble sale some years ago and despite him being an ex rugby player, he was pushed and shoved away from every stall he tried to look at. We never went again.
    Happy crafting, Angela x 68

  15. Your Desk Plaque looks fabulous! That machine sounds awesome~ Sorry you had to endure so many mean and rude people! All of the craft shows are like that! I hate that so much~ I should be fun, but i usually end up being angry and frustrated by the time I leave. I haven't been to one in 2 years!

  16. The ScanNCut sounds like an amazing tool, but way too expensive for me. Glad you guys survived the show!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier and for the nice comments.

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #4

  17. It's generally the same here...crafters get a glint in their eye and there's no stopping the elbows and sticks and trollies....haven't been to a show for over a year and haven't missed them either...if I can't get close to a stand I jsut walk past, I jsut can't be bothered!
    Love that you're being adventurous with the scan and cut, your results are lovely, love the plaque..and the name!

  18. Sorry you felt the show was such a disappointment, DeDe. It really is difficult, isn't it? Hubby and I have HUGE problems going down to the NEC, our big exhibition centre there in England. I'm afraid he is one of the folk in a mobility scooter... so has experienced the rudeness from the other side. I think you and he would have had a great day out - what with "how rude", and a coughing fit!!!!! :-) I have often said that maybe the disabled should have an afternoon just to themselves with their carers - 'cos, yes, these scooters take up a lot of space - I know, I have to lift it in and out of the car!!! I'm also off my soapbox now...
    You really sound like you are getting to grips with the scan n cut. Are you the next demonstrator for it, do you think??? That might be fun... Those pieces on your desk are incredible!
    Have a great week learning even more about it.
    Margaret #59

  19. Saw your comment below about Staz-On. I clean Staz-on from stamps using 91% isopropyl alcohol, a cheap alternative to the more expensive solvent based ink cleaner. It takes the ink off quickly, too. I'm pretty anal about my stamps, so I use it all the time. I hope you can find it in your country, because I've been told it can't be found easily in the UK.
    Here's a blog post where I show how easy it is:

    Hope that helps answer YOUR question.

    1. Thanks for that, I shall give it a try....keep your fingers crossed I can find it.....I do love a challenge...

  20. The scan and cut looks a great machine - don't have room for another one, but....!! Some of the shows here get very crowded too and you end up missing lots - unless you can stay so long most people go home... lol! Have a good day Helen 15

  21. Wow now I know why I don't go to those big craft shows. I think you gals do better at ikea! Giggle chuckle hack hack.....erm about us old people...yea this age group are the rudest and most self entitled bunch I've ever.....oh jeez on the soapbox again, sorry. Climbing down. (psst, I'm not like the rest of them. wink wink) The Scan N Cut sounds interesting will be waiting to hear more about it. First attempt with it turned out quite nice! Now uncle bob needs to leave so we see the real finished piece next time. :)) Hugs and Happy WOYWW! Nan G #92

  22. My goodness, what a craft show! I guess all those old biddies wanted their craft stuff!! LOL. Sounds like an interesting day. I personally can't stand crowds like that anymore - ugh! You and ELiza are welcome to come and play anytime - as far as being good, hmm, I have a feeling a fun and crazy time would be had by all. :-) Brigita #109

  23. Happy Belated WOYWW. I have only been to one craft show and it was fine at the beginning (for about 10 minutes!) and then the end when most people had been herded onto buses. Otherwise, it was the same as you described. I struggled especially with not enough seats to rest on. I will not be going again. I nearly bought a Scan n' Cut. Cancelled my order to stop my credit card melting! Tempted to get one eventually. Ali x. #47

  24. I tend to avoid a lot of the big craft shows these days. Too many people packed tightly together, hmm. You won't have any trouble finding the isopropyl. (I'm in Sydney). It's probably fine for red rubber but I'm not sure about using it on clear stamps as they are a bit more fragile. Thanks for dropping by earlier.
    RosA # 18